Background of ANMA

The Asian National Museum Association (ANMA) was established as a network to promote exchange and co-operation among national museums in Asia. Initiated by the National Museum of China, Tokyo National Museum and the National Museum of Korea in 2007, its membership covers major national museums in Asia or their agencies.

ANMA’s objectives are to be a platform for the promotion of Asian culture internationally, the sharing of knowledge on collections and the exchange of information, human resources and exhibitions. The association meets every two years with the host country functioning as the Chairperson and the secretariat for the association. As part of its outreach efforts, ANMA organises a conference every 2 years in a different member nation. Malaysia is proud to host this year’s conference.



About the ANMA logo

The predominant feature of the ANMA logo is a lattice pattern, which has modern and traditional connotations. A traditional design in most Asian cultures linked to weaving traditions and window frames, the lattice pattern also represents the multi-dimensional and networked connections that underline the knowledge exchange that define the work of the Asian National Museums Association. As a grid, it defines the coordinated work of the association which aspires to lay the foundation for the growing international influence of Asian National Museums regionally and globally.